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Active Projects

Rwanda, Tanzania, USA

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Gikingo, Rwanda

As the newest EWB-UC project, this committee is currently in the assessment phase and offers members an opportunity to engage in a 3 to 5-year project cycle. The goal is to help provide Gikingo with a clean water supply, in collaboration with mentors to meet safety and engineering standards. 

Burere, Tanzania

EWB-UC began a relationship with the Burere community to build a new school building. Over subsequent years, the project expanded to include repairs, improvements, and a clean water supply system. By 2020, plans for further expansion were underway. In May 2023, progress was assessed and future plans include documentation submission and remote support for construction activities in Spring 2024. Ongoing monitoring aims for successful system operation, potentially leading to project closeout.


Nyambogo, Tanzania

Since 2009, EWB-UC has focused on the Nyambogo water project, addressing the pressing need for clean water access. Significant progress includes drilling a borehole, installing tanks, tap stands, and waterlines. The 2017 sanitation initiative added hand-washing stations and latrines. Currently, the committee is working on phase two of the water project, aimed at expanding access to more sub-villages. 

Community Outreach

Community Outreach is a dedicated committee focused on local and domestic volunteering, enhancing nearby communities through service and compassion. We believe in actively engaging and supporting our local communities for lasting change and a brighter future. Our impactful events include building homes with Habitat for Humanity, park cleanups, supporting the Queen Bee Half Marathon, spreading engineering awareness, and providing Christmas gifts for veterans' children. 

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